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Specialist Support Coordination

A higher level of support for participants whose situations are more complex and who need specialist support.

A specialist support coordinator will assist participants to manage challenges in their support environment and ensure a consistent delivery of service.

Specialist Support Coordination is a term often used in the context of disability support services. It typically involves a specialized level of coordination and assistance for individuals with complex needs or significant barriers to accessing and participating in the community.

Here are key aspects associated with Specialist Support Coordination:

Complex Needs

Specialist Support Coordination is generally provided to individuals with complex and challenging needs, such as those with significant disabilities, multiple support requirements, or intricate service coordination demands.

Navigating Systems

Specialists in this role are well-versed in navigating complex support systems, including health, disability, and community services. They help individuals and their families understand and access the services and supports available to them.

Individualized Planning

The coordination process involves developing and implementing individualized support plans tailored to the unique needs and goals of the person receiving support. This may include assessing current needs, identifying goals, and coordinating a range of services.


Specialist Support Coordinators often serve as advocates for the individuals they support. This may involve advocating for their rights, ensuring their preferences are respected, and addressing any barriers they may face in accessing services or participating in community activities.

Provider Engagement

Coordinators work closely with various service providers to ensure that the individual's needs are met. This can include liaising with healthcare professionals, community organizations, and government agencies to coordinate a holistic support approach.

Capacity Building

Specialist Support Coordination aims to build the capacity of individuals and their support networks. This includes empowering them to make informed decisions, enhancing their skills, and fostering independence wherever possible.

Monitoring and Review

The coordination process is not static; it involves ongoing monitoring and review to ensure that the support arrangements remain relevant and effective. Adjustments may be made based on changes in the individual's circumstances or goals.


Effective communication and collaboration are essential in Specialist Support Coordination. Coordinators often work closely with individuals, their families, support workers, and various service providers to create a cohesive and integrated support network.

This type of support coordination is often associated with disability services, but similar principles may be applied in other contexts where individuals face complex and multifaceted challenges. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for individuals by ensuring they receive the appropriate support and services tailored to their unique needs.

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