Who we are

Our Vision

iCoordinate Disability Services provides innovative services with a holistic approach to support clients and their families. We promote inclusion and assist people to meet their goals and live their best life. We respect and value the knowledge, abilities and the experiences of people living with a disability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enact change through compassion, communication, and connectivity. We are dedicated to sharing knowledge, breaking down barriers, and empowering individuals to attain their NDIS goals. We prioritise a person’s abilities over their disabilities and are committed to crafting innovative solutions. Our unwavering belief is that where there is a will, there is a way.

At our core, we are person-centred, champions of choice and control, and advocates of uniqueness and inclusivity. We are authentic individuals supporting others in their journey, delivering tangible support that makes a real difference. As a unified team, we work collaboratively to provide tailored support that facilitates the achievement of personal goals.

Our Values


We cultivate meaningful relationships.
We express empathy and understanding.
Our approach is person-centred.
We demonstrate adaptability and flexibility.
Our actions are guided by integrity.
We foster a non-judgmental environment, eliminating bias, and engaging wholeheartedly.
Genuine care for our team members is at our core.
We advocate for the wellbeing of our colleagues.
Our positivity and passion inspire one another and those around us.
We uphold our commitments and refrain from making promises we cannot keep.


We are mindful of our non-verbal cues, such as body language, facial expressions, and tone during our interactions.
We engage in direct eye contact, express acknowledgment, and practice active listening, including reflection and paraphrasing to ensure mutual understanding.
We are fully present during conversations.
Active listening is our practice, refraining from interruptions when others speak.
We exercise patience in our communication.
Our communication is marked by clarity and conciseness.
We proactively share information to ensure preparedness.
Respectful and constructive feedback is provided in a kind and considerate manner.
Professionalism and respect guide our interactions.
When addressing issues or boundaries, we approach discussions politely, respectfully, and with curiosity.
We embrace diversity, culture, and various religious backgrounds.


We maintain a professional environment characterised by respect and honesty in our interactions.
Our commitment to promises and actions is unwavering.
When we make a mistake, we take responsibility and leverage the experience for growth.
Transparency and openness guide our communication.
Truth-telling and acknowledgment of our failures are integral to our interactions – this is how we continue to learn.
We hold a deep respect for the values of others.
Kindness, respect, and goodwill are the cornerstones of our conversations.
Ethical decision-making is our standard.
We honour diverse opinions, even when they differ from our own.
Judgment and resentment have no place in our team dynamics.
We establish and communicate boundaries respectfully.
The principles of knowledge, diversity, and inclusion are integral to our team and our relationships with others.


We embrace a commitment to ongoing learning, fostering self-development and personal growth.
Continuous enhancement and adherence to evolving industry standards drive our practices.
Knowledge-sharing is a cornerstone of our interactions, benefiting both our team and those we serve.
We actively network and form alliances to drive positive transformations.
Our collective resilience is a testament to our team's strength and adaptability.
We create a secure and harmonious environment for learning.
Our aspiration is to not only thrive individually but to collectively be the best versions of ourselves, delivering expertise and driving innovation within our industry.
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